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You could drop off Singer/Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Scott Hildebrand, into almost any place on the planet and chances are in a matter of minutes you'd find him making a street concert or collaborating with local artists.

As a modern troubadour, he has toured extensively across Europe, Asia, Australia, North and Central America. Scott absorbs inspiration from the road, and shares it with others through his soothing voice that connects listeners regardless of their cultural backgrounds. He has a modern Bob Dylan-esque lyric writing style that flows over his warm melodies, along with an expressive harmonica playing derived from the Blues of his home town Chicago.

Scott played music from an early age, always connecting music to joy.

In 2014, he began his journey as a full time musician in Seoul Korea, playing shows, writing and releasing music. Since then he has continued to perform and create music in the US, Australia, India, Germany, Guatemala, etc.

With six digital singles released, he has performed countless shows across the globe, from intimate settings such as eight Sofar Sounds shows, to festival stages such as the legendary FRL festival in Australia.

In 2018, he and his music received global attention after he was flown in a helicopter by actor Chris Hemsworth and his song "Ready to Fly" was used in a video that went viral, enabling him to perform and talk about his music live on major media outlets such as ABC, BBC, etc.

Through his musical journeys he strives to inspire open-mindedness and ignite the adventurous flame in the hearts of his listeners.

Currently, Scott is based in Berlin, recording an album to be released late this year. 

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