A modern troubadour - on a world tour that spans over 5 years. Playing countless shows, festivals, markets, fundraisers, weddings, and busking in Australia, Guatemala,Iceland, India, Korea,Japan, Mexico, UK, Berlin & USA. Making music and sharing it with people.

Helicopter Ride with Thor…

After returning to Australia from a friend’s wedding in Mexico, I decided to hitchhike back to Byron Bay. Long story short, I got a helicopter ride with actor, Chris Hemsworth and he made a video using my song Ready to Fly, which went viral globally.

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Sofar Sounds

Goa, Bangalor | India Melbourne,Brisbane | Australia Chicago, Seattle |USA Seoul | Korea Berlin | Germany

Sofar Sounds is a musicians dream gig concept. Artists perform in intimate acoustic settings and the audience is there to absorb and listen to each performers original music. They take place in over 400 cities around the world. I played Sofar Goa, Bangalore, Chicago, Brisbane & Melbourne and hope to continue performing at them as I explore more of this beautiful planet.  


Bonita Pareja - Mexico 2018

A wedding song I wrote for Julio and Margarita’s wedding in Mexico. We’ve been friends for most of our lives and it was such an honor to be best man and write a song for them.

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New Orleans - Oct 2017

After years of dreaming about going to to New Orleans, when it finally made it there, it was nothing short of the magic I had imagined. I jammed with some incredible musicians and got inspired by the endless live music. 

Also, had a lovely time playing music for a close friend's wedding.

Seoul, South Korea - Spring 2017  

Tunnel Busking Parties

Every Saturday for a few months I played music from midnight to 3am in an underpass between HBC and Kyungrydan, which are areas that have a great nightlife scene. Every weekend it grew and the tunnel would fill with people and musicians would join me for some songs and it became one of the most fun "venues" I have ever played. Every visit to Seoul, I do reunion tunnel parties!

Chicago - 2017

After living and playing music abroad for 4 years, visiting my hometown always feels so special! When I'm back I Street perform, play shows and jam in Blues bars!


About My Guitar

Wood, metal and bit of faux bone! My travel companion, inspiration and muse! .
People often ask about my guitar so I thought I would give it a shoutout! .
It's an Art & Lutherie Parlor style guitar made in Canada! I picked this beauty off the shelf of a magical little guitar store called Cremer Guitarworks in Aurora, Illinois back in 2011! Over the years it has been played by and for countless people in 11 countries! Painted by my friend Carly in California, and then touched up again later by my sister, worn and scratched by my picks from years of tunes, dropped once, bled on by my friend Carl's cut finger after he played it with so much passion he forgot about pain, restrung maybe 500 times! With it, I wrote songs from the soul and played concerts from the heart! .
No name or gender but this wooden muse stole my heart!
Picture taken by Erica Hildebrand

Songs From Around the World


Written for a friend and his girlfriend who Scott met in Goa, India. It's about their adventures and misadventures while they travelled throughout India, falling deeper in love. This video was filmed in Melbourne, Australia by Ryhohei Tanaka. Click here for the Studio version of this song.

ready to fly

Video recorded by Off Stage Live in Jinju South Korea, Scott Wrote this song in Guatemala. Click here for the studio version featuring Ashrock, a Korean Indie band.

Healing Power of Music Documentary

(Ready to Fly, Guatemala recording, Seoul Video Documentary)

This video is made by Young Han in Seoul, South Korea and it documents the musical adventures of Scott and amazing music community in Seoul! Young Han reached out to Scott through Facebook after seeing and being inspired by his videos. Young Han's love for American folk and country music led him to make the journey all the way from Busan to Seoul. Over the course of a few days he captured countless performances, busking adventures as well as studio recording and collaborations with local musicians. Enjoy the "Healing Power of Music!"

Teaser video for Ready to Fly Feat. Ashrock

Click here for the recording of Scott's collaborated with the South Korean Indie band Ashrock, to make this Korean and English version!

Flowers and the Pines

A song about how essential nature is in our lives.

Filmed by Off Stage Live - Jinju, South Korea

Early Signs

Early signs is a song Scott Hildebrand and Michael Brady wrote in Seoul, South Korea. Their Irish/Americana band Bloody Foreland plays Irish festivals as well as the Seoul St. Patrick's day Festival. Click HERE and HERE for another videos of this song.

This version is with Zoe Blank and the video is by Off Stage Live filmed in South Korea

Waiting - Scott Hildebrand

Scott and Jay's version of Waiting. Recorded in Seoul, South Korea

Waist High - Scott Hildebrand

A song written in South Korea one winter morning. This song flowed out after daydreaming about riding the sunshine soaked waves of Santa Barbra California. Click HERE for another version of this song.  

Never Really Over - Pollenation (Filmed in Guatemala)

A song about how sometimes love doesn't finish even after a relationship does. 

It's a song Scott and Junhyuk Lee wrote in Seoul Korea. Junhyuk and Scott met at a Paul McCartney concert back in 2015 in Seoul. At the time Scott was playing in an Irish band with his friend Michael Brady, called Bloody Foreland, and were playing at a festival the next day. Unfortunately, Bloody Foreland's drummer had to cancel the day before so even though they were thrilled to be at an amazing Paul McCarney show, the outcome of their own drum-less performance the next day was on their minds. Miraculously they happened to be sitting in the huge Olympic park stadium, next to an amazing musician who had been the drummer for a famous Korean Indie band, Annyeongbada. After singing along to many of Paul's classics, Junhyuk told them (through his friend who was translating for him) that he wanted to play drums with Bloody Foreland and help with their dilemma. Early the next morning they went to Junhyuk's practice studio and taught him all 15 Irish songs, and thanks to rain delays on the festival they had just enough time to finish practice and rock out on the stage that same night! Ever since Scott and Junhyuk have been writing songs together and started this musical project named Pollenation.