Never Really Over - Pollenation

A song about how sometimes love doesn't finish even after a relationship does. 

It's a song Scott and Junhyuk Lee wrote in Seoul Korea. Junhyuk and Scott met at a Paul McCartney concert back in 2015 in Seoul. At the time Scott was playing in an Irish band with his friend Michael Brady, called Bloody Foreland, and were playing at a festival the next day. Unfortunately, Bloody Foreland's drummer had to cancel the day before so even though they were thrilled to be at an amazing Paul McCarney show, the outcome of their own drum-less performance the next day was on their minds. Miraculously they happened to be sitting in the huge Olympic park stadium, next to an amazing musician who had been the drummer for a famous Korean Indie band, Annyeongbada. After singing along to many of Paul's classics, Junhyuk told them (through his friend who was translating for him) that he wanted to play drums with Bloody Foreland and help with their dilemma. Early the next morning they went to Junhyuk's practice studio and taught him all 15 Irish songs, and thanks to rain delays on the festival they had just enough time to finish practice and rock out on the stage that same night! Ever since Scott and Junhyuk have been writing songs together and started this musical project named Pollenation.

Waist High - Scott Hildebrand

A song written in South Korea one winter morning. This song flowed out after daydreaming about the sunshine soaked waves used to ride daily back when he lived in Santa Barbra California. Click HERE for another version of this song.  

Early Signs - Bloody Foreland

Early signs is a song Scott and Michael Brady wrote in Seoul, South Korea. They have an Irish/America band Bloody Foreland. Click HERE and HERE for another videos of this song.

Yours to Shine is a song about pushing through the daily mundane and sometimes turning away from comforts that stop you from growing.